RF5-600P Golf Laser Range Finder

  • $99.95


Get an extra edge and take your golfing experience to the next level!

Our laser rangefinders reach distances over 600 meters and are built to be lightweight and portable making them convenient to carry around and use at every course even in the rain or fog.

Speed up your gameplay with fast and accurate measurements on the green. No more guessing with yardage markers or a yardage book. Know the exact range in yards or meters for every shot.

You will now know the exact distance to any hole, flag, tree, target or landmark, whether it’s moving or still. Your target can be as close as 5 meters or as far as 600 meters.

You can finally shoot with confidence for an amazing price, with the RF5-600P Golf Laser Range Finder.


Aim at target object and short press power button. The distance value will then be displayed on lens.

Aim at the object and short press the power button. Keep aiming as the object moves until the speed value displays on the screen.

Single distance measuring: Aim at target object and short press power button to start measuring. The distance value will then be displayed on the lens.

Continuous distance measuring: Long press the power button. The distance value will be displayed in real-time according to where you are pointing at.

Designed to measure the distance to a flagpole. The Laser Golf Rangefinder LR0600P is able to distinguish the flagpole (point D) from the clutter (such as trees and bushes) in the background. Only the distance to point D will be displayed.

 Ergonomic and compact design for easy handling
 lightweight and portable
 Measures distances as low as 5 meters and as much as 600 meters
 Quick and stable measurement response regardless of distance or shakiness

 Battery: 2 * AAA (Battery Not included)
 Measuring Units: M/Yd
 Magnification: 6X
 Measuring Accuracy: ±1m
 Outer air hose length: 13cm ± 0.5cm (5.1 ±0.2inch)
 Working temperature: 0°C~60°C
 Size: 5.54.519.8cm (
 Weight: 360g/0.8lb
 Maximum continuous working time: 8 min

Package Includes:
— 1 X 600 Meter Laser Golf Rangefinder LR0600P
— 1 X Bag
— 1 X Belt
— 1 X Instructions
— 1 X Box

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