Cactus Air Humidifier Lamp

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Reduce dryness and filter out irritants in the air that cause allergies with the Cactus Air Humidifier Lamp. The cactus humidifier is adorable and will have you breathing cleaner air in no time. The air in your home can get extremely dry in the colder months when the heat is running and there is no fresh air-flow. Humidifiers work by emitting water vapor to add moisture to dry air. 

Cactus Humidifier Night Light

The cute Cactus Lamp Humidifier is simple to use and has a multifunctional design: it works as both a humidifier and a lamp. The design of the humidifier is small and portable, but it is very powerful. 


  • Multifunctional Use: Works as both a humidifier and a lamp
  • Adorable Design: Everyone will be asking where you got it
  • Small and Portable: Small but powerful humidifier, can bring on the go to your vacation, trips, office
  • Powered by USB:Can plug into any USB port, such as a laptop or power bank
  • Working Time:4 hours until automatically shuts off

Cactus Humidifier Lamp


Product Specifications:

Capacity: 280mL

Max Mist Volume: 30mL/hour

Working Time: 4 hours (automatically shut off after 4hrs)

Size: 5in x 3in x 3in

Product Weight: 180g

Powered By: USB 

How to Use:

1. Remove the lid of the cactus humidifier and add water to the maximum fill line. 

2. Screw the lid back on, connect the USB cable into a laptop or power bank.

3. Press the start button once and the adorable USB Cactus Humidifier Lamp will start running! 

Package Includes:

1 x Cactus Lamp Humidifier

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

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