Handpan Steel Tongue Drum Tank 9 Tones

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Package List:
1*Percussion Drum
Name: Handpan drum
Material: Carbon steel
The product is handmade, there will be a slight color difference and will not affect the use.
1.Accurate pitch,clear overtone,ether ealtone.
2.High-quality handpan,made of carbon steel material,durable and sturdy.
3.9notes design,1center note and 8tone fields,D3/A3/C4/F4/A4/D5/C5/G4/D4.
4.Designed according to the Helmholtz principle,it produces a very pronounced sound resonance effect when struck.
5.There are two types,beginner and professional.
6.Generally played with the hands and fingers,producing softer and warmer sounds.
7.Ideal for street performances,festival celebration,for friends&families gathering,
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